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Page Update Checker

(Also known as PUC -- Pronounced "Puke")

Download The Newly Released PUC 0.3

New features in Page Update Checker 0.3:
- Notification via status bar icon. To get notified via this icon, go to the Preferences tab in the Page Update Checker Options.
- Sound alerts. PUC will play a sound each time it detects an update. This can also be enabled in PUC's Preferences.
- Build-your-own Update Checkers. Now you can customize exactly how PUC checks for updates using a little snippet of Javascript code.
- The built-in Filter Checker lets you easily ignore certain types of information when checking for updates.
- The Ebay Bid Price checker checks for increases in bids on Ebay items. To use this checker, open any Ebay Auction Item's page, click Tools > Monitor Page for Updates... and in the Checker to Use drop-down box, select Ebay Bid Price.

Example of the Ebay Bid Price Checker. The "Show Me What Changed" Feature lists all the various bid prices that PUC noticed while it checked for updates.

How to Use

Once installed, you will be able to right-click on any page in Firefox and select "Monitor for Updates." The PUC options will open up and you can select how often you would like PUC to download the webpage and see if it has changed. Since many times you may not be interested in everything that changes in a particular page, you can select from various Checkers that customize how PUC decides whether a webpage has changed. To return to the options menu later, select "Tools" -> "Page Update Checker Options..."

Find a bug? Click Here.

Note about upgrading to PUC 0.3:
Firefox 1.5 will erase PUC 0.2's settings when you install PUC 0.3. If you would like PUC to remember your old pages, do the following before installing PUC 0.3 onto Firefox 1.5:
- If you've installed PUC 0.3 already but have not restarted Firefox, it's not too late
- Search your computer for pucconfig.xml
- Save a copy of this file to your desktop and keep track of where you found it
- Install PUC 0.3 and restart Firefox
- Copy the file back to where you found it. PUC will find this file and save your settings in a safer place


Version 0.3 (released 1/2/2006)
- Completely restructured PUC's source code
- Added "Checkers" that users can create to check web pages for updates in their own unique ways
- Created a Wiki so that anyone can share the Checkers they create
- Added notification via status bar icons
- Added optional sound notification (with some code courtesy of the PopupSound Extension)
- Created visualization of website changes (with some code courtesy of John Resig)
- Fixed bug causing international characters to inappropriately show change (Thanks to Didier Stevens for spotting bug)
- Fixed page list selection bug
- Many many more bug fixes
- Added Italian language localization (Thanks to Luana "MatrixIsAllOver")
- Added French language localization
- Added Japanese language localization (Thanks to Yorinobu Watanabe)
- Support for Firefox 1.5

Version 0.2 (released 7/3/2005)
- Fixed bug preventing PUC from saving properly
- Improved notification dialog with softer colors and a narrower width

Version 0.1 (released 6/28/2005)
- Initial Release (with some code courtesy of the Remove It Permanently extension)

The pageupdatechecker project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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